Paypal Woes - You Pay, but they are NOT your Pal! (another of MANY PayPal Horror Stories)

Article from Burning Man Website:

so, it seems that after 5 months of accepting donations via paypal, they have decided to freeze our account. as you may know, we are applying for non-profit status for the Flux Foundation with the intention of building community through art with the Temple of Flux and beyond. As a pending non-profit, it is within our legal right to accept donations as long as donors are informed of that status.

Though we have provided Paypal with all the information they need, they have chosen to keep our account frozen until we hear from the IRS. Let me say that again. Until we hear from the IRS.

For anyone who has ever dealt wit the IRS, you know this is a timeline of total unknown scale. It typically takes at least 9 months to get an answer on non-profit status. We are on month five. You do the math.

This has put us in a very precarious position. Despite our best efforts to answer their questions and act in accordance with the legal gudelines for non-profits, we are left with no access to the funds that so many of you have intended go towards this work. It is incredibly disappointing.

This is particularly challenging as we are literally packing up the trucks to leave for building now. We are, indeed, in a crunch. While this is a frustrating and stressful situation, we know we will prevail. We could use your help, though.

Consider making a donation of cash or check to the Temple today. COME BY American Steel or the Shipyard in Berkeley. We need some Angel funders now!

We have been in awe of the support the community has given to us. Thank you. We will prevail.