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HUFFPO: "GOP Anti-Porn Plank Added To Draft Platform By Republic

http://business. /legal/Romney- Promises- to-Vigorously- Prosecute- Pornographers- 482041.html

"The Republicans covet the vote and the money from the minority Religious
Right, to which they are pandering with promises of supporting its minority
view favoring outlawing pornography, abortion and even birth control. If
Romney placed those issues as the centerpiece of his campaign, he would be
slaughtered in all of the swing states because it would galvanize the youth
- First Amendment attorney and AVN columnist Clyde DeWitt

The AVN article covers this piece from The Daily Caller::
http://dailycaller. com/2012/ 07/18/romney- campaign- quietly-promised -vigorous- porn-crackdown- reagan-prosecuto r-says/