The Baroness: After Final Fetish Retinue, Gettin' My Kicks on Route 66

Summer is usually a slow time in the latex business. The shop is quiet, other than the odd person stopping in to take advantage of the air conditioner, or to stroke the cats. But I've been keeping busy!

This Wednesday, July 27th, The Baroness fashions will appear at "VIVISECTION" An intimate goth/industrial party at—of all places—Laugh Lounge! I couldn't resist! The show combines classic elegant latex with bizarre rubber accessories and hot models!

Dress up for an evening of music, dance, entertainers and dark fashion, where the most outstanding dressed wins a grand prize! Because it's mid-week, my show starts early (10pm) so don't miss it! Laugh Lounge, 151 Essex (just below Houston) New York City. Doors open at 8pm. $10. $5 before 8:30pm.

I've also just come back from upstate New York, where I was filmed in an avant-garde, feature for Swedish TV. I played myself; (an expert on BDSM,) educating the actors of August Strindbergs' play, "Miss Julie" with the goal of changing the ending so the lead will not commit suicide. It was really interesting and I'm eager to see the final product.

Ricky Martin Shirt by The BaronessAt the boutique, we're working with stylists for some really exciting projects! For Macs' Viva Glam campaign we created custom garments for—drum roll—Ricky Martin & Nikki Minaj!

For Nikki Minaj we made white latex skirts, tops, and gowns with appliqu├ęd red lips. They also pulled an assortment of other latex. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.

Another stylist pulled for RuPaul and crew for both the show and some public appearances! I love dressing divas!

On the subject of latex-clad party people, look at photos from both the final Fetish Retinue party and Royal Amusements dinner.

Coming up:

Saturday, August 6th, N.Y.C. The Baroness Summer Sale!

Just because it's hot doesn't mean you can't shop! I'm having a huge, one-day sale. All Baroness latex, along with sale garments, toys, vintage clothing, and shoes, are on sale at great prices. So come early and don't miss the bargains! The Baroness boutique is located at 530 B East 13th street between Avenues A & B open from 2-7.

Also right now is also a great time to get started on those custom designs you've been wanting. There are some major worldwide fetish events coming up. Labor day weekend is Montreal's' Fetish Marathon, there's New York's' Comic Con convention for all you cosplayers, in fall London is the place to be, and next March, TLP's (Texas Latex Party) theme is uniforms.

I've already been commissioned for some fabulous uniforms for TLP along with a "Captain America" and some type of motorcycle hero for Comic Con.

All this should keep me busy and entertained until fall! As for the rest of you stay cool and shiny!

I Remain,

The Baroness
530 B East 13th Street
New York City, NY 10009

Monday-Saturday 2-7 Thursday 2-9

FetishCon - Tampa Florida - July 28th - 31st

See you all there - FetishCon - The Biggest, Baddest, Funnest Convention EVER!!!!
Tampa Florida - July 28th - 31st - Click Banners for more info.

Press Release : The Art of Kink

*Capricorn Studios presents "The Art of KINK!", a fine art exhibit. *

/Hyatt Regency Hotel -- Downtown Tampa, FL./

Capricorn Studios will be curating an erotic and fetish art show at this
year's 11^th annual FetishCon held in Tampa this July. It is the
first time in the convention's history that such an exhibit will be
displayed. Convention promoters, along with local fetish photographer
Bob Pomeroy, contacted Capricorn Studios after hearing about several of
the shows and events they have organized at their gallery in Ybor city.

"The Art of KINK!" will be a showcase for fetish themed artwork in all
mediums. Capricorn Studios has received hundreds of submissions and
after careful consideration they believe they have selected the best of
what the fetish art community has to offer. "We were thrilled at the
idea of curating a show for FetishCon. What better place to not only
showcase all of the great submissions we've accepted from around the
country but give our very talented local artists the national audience
they deserve" said gallery owner Daphne Haines.

Capricorn Studios opened its doors on Valentine's Day, 2010, giving
local artists from around the Bay Area the opportunity to showcase work
that other galleries may be too timid to display. Since then they have
organized shows spanning a wide range of themes, from their "Devil &
Divine" event which focused on sensual eroticism to their first
anniversary event, "My Dark HeART", which explored the darker side of
our fantasies. Capricorn Studios' recent show titled "Art is unDead"
showcased imagery in erotic horror and featured a burlesque performance
by The Hell Cats of Tampa as well as a "Zombie Beauty Pageant" where
contestants proved that beauty is more than just skin deep.

The exhibit will run the entire length of the convention, July 28^th --
31^st , in the Hyatt's Garrison Suites located at the top of the hotel's
main escalators. Entry into the exhibit is free to those attending the
convention with a valid badge, while those not attending the convention
will be admitted for $5.

Capricorn Studios says they will continually strive to bring Tampa the
work of very talented artists who are not afraid to bare their souls.
Calling themselves "Tampa's only fringe art gallery" they like to
describe the work they display as "Art that's not afraid of the dark!"

*Media Contact:*

Anaria Entertainment, LLC

Daphne Haines

(813) 802-7809

1313 E 8^th Ave, 3^rd Floor, Ybor City, FL 33605

Hugh Hefner Consoled by Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison in 'Runaway Bride' Special (Video)

Hugh Hefner
David Livingston/Getty Images

The Playboy founder also reveals something to his ex-girlfriends that might come as a shock to "Girls Next Door" fans.

It was supposed to be a fairytale wedding, complete with TV cameras there to capture all the excitement.

Yes, we all know by now that Hugh Hefner was supposed to get married last month, with the ceremony airing as a Lifetime special.

STORY: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Hugh Hefner

But, of course, that didn't happen. His bride, Crystal Harris, dumped him five days before the ceremony was set to take place. (Don't feel bad for Hef, though: He's already found a rebound in Shera Bechard, Playboy's Miss November 2010.)

But Lifetime went ahead with the special anyway, which is now being called Runaway Bride.

In a preview clip for the special, Hefner is seen chatting about the breakup with former girlfriends Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson, who also starred with him on the E! Entertainment reality series The Girls Next Door.

STORY: Hugh Hefner's Ex Crystal Harris Spoofs Their Age Difference

"You couldn't write it like this," he tells them. "Go back a handful of years in terms of what has happened in all of our lives. It's unreal and we are very blessed, and I am so blessed to have you guys in my life."

He then reveals something that seemingly comes as a shock to Madison.

"You're connected to all this," he tells her. "I never thought I'd getting married again and wasn't planning on it, but I think I screwed up with us."

Hugh Hefner, 84, Sets June Wedding Date to 24-Year-Old Crystal Harris

Fans of Girls Next Door will remember that Madison genuinely seemed to want to marry Hef while they were dating.

Meanwhile, Harris graced the recent cover of Playboy, which was set before she broke off the engagement. After the canceled nuptials, Hefner decided to add “Runaway Bride” stickers to newsstand copies at the last minute.

Of her decision to call off the wedding, Harris has said she "didn't think it was the right thing for me to do. It was mutual between Hef and I. There was no fight; we sat down, and we talked about it."

Runaway Bride airs at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

The Redhead Next Door: Shannon Renee - by Courtney Leiva

When natural redhead next door, Shannon Renee, is crazy running around recording, acting, modeling or parenting, one thing remains constant: her love for being a redhead. Shannon is originally from Arizona and became recognized after her music hit I Wanna be a Playboy Bunny in 2006.

I had the chance to interview her and she discussed her love for life, her past and of course.. her red hair.

“You stand-out, you’re sexy, and no one can ever take that from us [redheads],” Renee tells How to be a Redhead.

She grew up idolizing redheads like Rita Hayworth and Jodie Foster- they inspired her to be the person she is today- a powerful women with red locks.

“I’m a multi-talented housewife. By that, I mean, I’m an actor, model, singer, cupcake maker, fashion designer and wife.”

At the age of 12, Shannon put her love of singing to action and she began song writing at the age of 15. In 2004 she became a singer for the cover band Double Down. However, it wasn’t until she released the club-dance single I Wanna Be A Playboy Bunny that she suddenly became a sensation.

She said, “In the spring of 1999 (before Holly, Bridget and Kendra from The Girls Next Door), I was sitting in my room while my roommates were at work. The only way I can start writing songs is when it’s quiet. I was looking at all my bedroom stuff- Playboy catalogs, Marilyn Monroe calendars- and suddenly grabbed a pencil and wrote down the coolest lyrics ever! It was kept under wraps until 2006 when it appeared on a podcast and after that, it became an internet sensation. I’m a one ‘internet-hit’ wonder!”

When asked about what inspires her to write dance music, Shannon told us,

“Oh geez, you may call me crazy, or an old fart (I’m 20 plus 14 yrs old) but, 90′s dance icons such as Lady Kier from Deeelite and Madonna made me want to be the next redhead dance artist.”

With the success of I Wanna Be A Playboy Bunny, Shannon was invited to the Playboy mansion where she attended some of the mansion’s most prestigious parties.

“Oh yeah, ever since I was 20, I wanted to walk the cobblestone trails of the Playboy mansion. I got an unexpected invite to a mansion party called Kandyland in 2008, and dressed like Satine from Moulin Rouge. The first time was the most breath-taking time. Then, I got the invitation of a lifetime for the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream Party in 2009. I dressed like the Little Mermaid and hung out with Kendra Wilkinson‘s mom Patti, Bill Maher, Shaq, and David Faustino. Last but not least, Hef and I rose our glasses to each other in acknowledgment. That was the highlight of my night. Never went back since.”

At the end day, Shannon Renee is one proud redhead and her motivation to further her career has landed her modeling gigs and has also made her feel lucky to have red hair.

“The world has way too many bleached blondes and raven brunettes. God made redheads for a reason and that’s to add spice to the world! Hair modeling is the way to go!!!! They love us!! They will never dye our hair! You may get picked on as a little kid, but as you get older, you will transform into either a Jessica Rabbit or a Little Mermaid.”

For more on Shannon Renee visit her website on or follow her on Twitter @pinupgrl1

Fetish Con - Tampa Florida - July 28th-31st

People have written asking 4 a good source for last minute printing,banners etc at this year`s FetishCon - we use John from this site

Secondhand heroin smoke may have killed cat

A Colorado woman is accused of killing her cat by blowing heroin smoke in its face, according to Fox affiliate KDVR in Denver.

Is she crying for Muffin?

Is she crying for Muffin?

Arrested Tuesday, 21-year-old Danielle Blankenship faces charges of cruelty to animals, third degree assault, and domestic violence.

Boulder police went to Blankenship’s home after her boyfriend called to report she’d punched him in the face.

Blankenship said she hit her boyfriend because he refused to let her use his cell phone to call for a ride.

While trying to unsort their stories, police noticed an “unresponsive” cat on the steps. “It could not seem to get up [when touched],” police wrote.

The boyfriend told police Blankenship had been smoking heroin and blowing smoke in the cat’s face.

Animal control took possession of the cat, named Muffin, and began treating it for poisoning, but it died.

A necropsy being performed Thursday or Friday will determine if Blankenship faces felony animal cruelty charges, police said.