Hot Fetish Retinue this Sunday

With the coming of Spring I'm going to be busy! Posing for photos, performing in an opera, judging a best-dressed gothic competition. And there's my Hot Fetish Retinue party this Sunday (April 3), Baroness latex in the media, and I believe I've found the perfect spot for my Royal Amusements dinner in June!

Wednesday, March 30th, NYC, I am judging a Gothic Alternative Best-Dressed competition! From 7:00 pm -1:00 am at Laugh Lounge, 151 Essex St. So dress your best, enter, and win fabulous prizes!

Saturday, April 2nd, NYC. I play Queen Herodias as my latex lovely Magdeleine sings and dances as Salome! The Flea Theatre, 41 White st. NYC, at 10pm. Admission is free, so come early to get a seat! (Also channeling the Bible, I posed as Mary Magdalene with photographer Alexis Percival for her up-coming show. I'll let you know when it opens of course!)

Fire at The Baroness' Fetish RetinueMy Fetish Retinue party is going to be HOT! HOT! HOT! (We mean that literally!)

Sunday, April 3rd, New York City. My Fetish Retinue party is going to be a scorcher, with this month's theme of fire, electricity, and hot wax! My latex lovelies and I will turn up the heat with sensuous and serious fire play and performances. Master Virage will be shocking as usual with his violet wand!

New York's longest running monthly fetish party, The Baroness' Fetish Retinue, at the decadently seductive White Noise, 225 Avenue B, between 13th and 14th streets (above the liquor store), New York City. Doors open at 9 pm. Remember, bring your toys and come prepared to play!

Dress code suggestions: Haz-mat suits, asbestos ensembles, devils, electricians, fire starters and stoppers! FREE if you're FABULOUS, full Fetish $7, all black $20, $30 in street clothes, absolutely NO blue jeans or sneakers.

The Fetish Retinue Boot-Lovers Pre-Party will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2011, from 8:30 to 9:30 PM at Rue B, 188 Avenue B, (between 11th and 12th Streets) in New York City.

Photos of last month's Fetish Retinue (Mardi Gras) are online now.

Baroness latex in this month's Interview Magazine, and did a feature on my Gaga collar!

Coming soon:
June 1-5, it's The New York Fetish Marathon!

See you at the party!

I Remain,

The Baroness
530 B East 13th Street
New York City, NY 10009

Monday-Saturday 2-7 Thursday 2-9

NFL’s oldest cheerleader will have her life made into a film

The life of the NFL's oldest cheerleader is coming to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Laura Vikmanis, 42, will have her life story turned into a film. New Line Cinema picked up the rights to the Vikmanis story. The film will be penned by Emily Cook and Kathy Greenberg, who co-wrote the animated film "Gnomeo and Juliet."

Vikmanis tried out for the Bengals cheerleading squad at the age of 39 after her husband left her for a younger woman. She failed to make the team in her first attempt but trained for a year and made the Ben-Gals in 2009. Since then she's become a mother figure to her fellow cheerleaders, many of whom are young enough to be her daughter.

The registered dietician says she felt lost after her divorce. After meeting a Ben-Gal during a dance class, she thought cheerleading could fill the void. Mainly, though, she wanted to serve as an inspiration to her two daughters, aged 15 and 13.

"I look at myself as a role model for my children to show them no matter what age or what dream you have, you can work really hard and achieve it," she told a newspaper last year.

Hers is a compelling story that will doubtlessly play well to the right audience. You can almost picture the movie now: opening in a suburban neighborhood, some marital discord, a crackpot idea, friends telling Laura she's crazy, a hilariously failed attempt, her daughters getting embarrassed at school, a training montage (set to a song by Pink or Kelly Clarkson) and, ultimately, success. It'll be like "Bring It On" for the older set.

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Charlie Sheen's Antics Immortalized In Song

Posted on Mar 23, 2011 @ 07:05AM

First he sold out the legendary Radio City Music Hall in New York, and now Charlie Sheen could be the subject of a number one hit record that will really have him yelling: "Winning!"

EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Count Smokula Immortalizes Charlie Sheen's Antics In Song

Los Angeles based producer and musician Smokey Miles AKA Count Smokula -- who has penned music for 'Balloon Boy' father Richard Heene in the past -- has written a song entitled: "Charlie Sheen" in tribute to the notorious actor, and has the exclusive audio.

PHOTOS: Couples We’d Like To See!

Smokula was moved to pen his song after Sheen was axed from his hit sitcom Two and a Half Men and went on his subsequent media blitz.

He told "Charlie's got the earmarks of a true Smokesylvanian. We'll have to examine his ears to see if that is true. In the meantime, good luck to Charlie on his upcoming tour, and if he needs me to sing on it, I'm available. We'll have good clean fun!"

PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen Does A Drug Test For At His Home

The lyrics for Charlie Sheen are:

Charlie Sheen is a wild human being.

He talks lots of the time about drugs and sex and Chaim he lives inside a mansion with his hot and sexy friends. "I am clean!" says Charlie Sheen of Two and One Half Men.

PHOTOS: See All Of Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Girlfriends

Charlie goes on TV shows, the numbers go sky high. And look at all the twittering about that gnarly guy. The press is in a frenzy, buzz about him with no end.. as in every bar about the star of Two and One Half Men.


Oh Charlie you got troubles, thank goodness they're not mine I'd love your dough, and it's true, y'know your women all look fine you rant and rave and we watch, bewildered at what you do Oh Charlie Sheen you made a scene and your ratings just grew!

PHOTOS: Chuck Lorre Steps Out With Charlie Sheen's TV Ex

One day he might get calmer, if not totally insane after all the booze and coke and dope, tiger blood is in his veins In the meantime it's amusement, a bit nuts but that's the trend I'll continue my perusement of Two and One Half Men.

Chorus (repeat)

Spoken: CBS says you're through...but you're a winner!

PHOTOS: Brooke Mueller Out With Her Twins By Charlie Sheen

With his acting career temporarily stalled Sheen intends to embark on a live show My Violent Torpedo of Truth around the country. He has sold out two dates at The Radio City Music Hall in New York.

The actor recently added five more dates to his tour after two shows in Chicago and Detroit also sold out. The 45-year-old will also perform in Ohio, Connecticut and Boston.

RADAR EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Defiant Charlie Sheen Surrenders His Children To Authorities, Vows To Fight For Full Custody

Smokey Miles added: "If my song is a hit then maybe I can go on tour with him too. I would loved that then we would both be Winning!"

Count Smokula's Charlie Sheen will be released on iTunes this week.

Listen To Charlie Sheen Song By Count Smokula Here.

Professor fired for burlesque night job

By Dan Berrett, Inside Higher Ed

A former assistant professor of psychology at John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, Calif., has sued the institution for sex discrimination, alleging that she was fired for performing in an off-campus burlesque act.

On its own, the federal complaint, filed by Sheila M. Addison last week in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, raises questions about sex, gender stereotypes and free speech for faculty members. In the context of the recent uproar at Northwestern University, where a professor of human sexuality arranged to have a live sex demonstration take place in his lecture hall after class, some say that Addison's case also raises concerns about double standards of sexually related conduct as they apply to men and women in academe.

Addison was hired in Sept. 2007 to teach graduate students under a one-year contract as an assistant professor of psychology. The following July she was awarded a two-year contract which stated that she could be fired only for just cause, according to the complaint. The contract also held that she would be deemed to have her contract extended unless it was formally canceled. It was not canceled as she never received negative performance evaluations, the complaint says.

At about the same time that she started working at JFK, she started performing under a pseudonym, Professor Shimmy, at the Hubba Hubba Revue, a burlesque show in San Francisco. Addison performed intermittently with the revue, which typically plays to about 400 to 600 people every month, said producer and co-founder Jim Sweeney. Hubba Hubba, like traditional burlesque, intertwines partial striptease (down to pasties and g-strings), dance and comedy with parody and references to popular culture.

Addison also belonged to a group of performers who sought to bring social commentary to their acts. Some of her performances tell stories, including one in which she performs with a classically trained male ballet dancer. He is dressed as a snow fairy and she as the abominable snowman (as can be seen in the YouTube video below). As they remove nearly all of their clothes, their gender identities are revealed to be the opposite of what they first seemed.

Addison's group incorporated social commentary in other ways as well. The body types of the performers — Sweeney said that a 74-year-old often performs with Hubba Hubba — play into the revue's ethos of challenging social norms. "There's not a distinction about the forms or the shapes of the people who do burlesque nowadays. You can be any age and any size," he said. "[Addison]'s absolutely someone who believes in those things and typifies those things."

But officials at JFK deemed her participation in the burlesque act to be inappropriate, the complaint says, though she never publicized it on campus, discussed it with students or identified her affiliation with JFK when she performed. A letter, dated June 21, informed her that she was fired, effective nine days later.

Her participation in the burlesque performances was the only reason cited in her termination letter, the complaint says. Steven Stargardter, president of the university, explained in the letter to her that her actions brought "public disrespect, contempt and ridicule to the university," the complaint says. Her contract as a Core Faculty Member specified that she could not participate in any activity that "may be adverse to the interests of the university."

But her firing, Addison alleges in her suit, "evidences the university's disgust for a woman performing in politically, socially and sexually based performance art." One basis for her claims of sex discrimination, as she alleges in the complaint, is that a male colleague in another department was performing at the same time in a one-man show in which he was partially nude. Though he publicized his show on campus and invited students and colleagues, he was not disciplined, the complaint alleges.

The university said it could not comment on the case beyond a blanket refutation of the claims because the matter is in litigation. "The university believes at this time that the allegations are without merit," said Theresa Rodgers, director of human resources at JFK.

According to letters from the administration that are cited in the complaint, Addison needed to be fired because a mere warning and change of behavior would not suffice. "The damage had already occurred," she was told. Administrators also cited concerns that word of her performances had spread among students, who had lost respect for her and were "shocked and dismayed."

Addison appealed to California's Department of Fair Employment and Housing and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, both of which issued right to sue notices; then she filed the federal lawsuit. In her suit, Addison seeks lost wages and damages and cites 15 causes of action, including breach of contract, unfair business practices, termination for political activity, sex discrimination, harassment for failure to conform to gender stereotype and tortious termination.

"From our perspective," said her lawyer, Greg Groeneveld, "this is about the right of college and graduate school faculty to engage in artistic and political activity on their own time."

Addison's case, while different in several respects, is also notable given the attention generated by a recent controversy at Northwestern University. J. Michael Bailey, a professor in the department of psychology, held an optional presentation after his human sexuality class in which a naked woman was stimulated to orgasm with a sex toy. Northwestern's president, Morton Schapiro, said he was "troubled and disappointed by what occurred" and ordered an investigation, which is still underway. Bailey issued an apology and some of his students have defended him, but there have been — as of yet — no formal consequences.

The disparity between the two cases reflects a double standard in how men and women are treated, both in higher education and in the workplace more generally, said Lisa Maatz, director of public policy for the American Association of University Women. Though she said tenure also likely played a role — Bailey at Northwestern has tenure, Addison does not — Maatz wondered what would have happened if a woman had commissioned a sexual demonstration like he did. "Had this been a woman, this wouldn't have just been a scandal — it would have been written about in much more lurid ways."

As for Addison's situation, Maatz said it exemplified how narrow the margin for error is for women in academe. "The gray area for women is much smaller," she said. "'Good girls get rewards and rebels or people who speak truth to power aren't necessarily appreciated." At the same time, she acknowledged — while specifying that she was not necessarily referring to either case — that poor judgment spans genders. "Unfortunately," she added, "decision-making and consequences often do come from a gender lens."

Tickets On Sale NOW! "We Bleed Green" 4th Street Retro Rollers vs. Terminal Island Tootsies



Long Beach Roller Derby returns to the Queen Mary Dome with an Eight Game Season on Friday April 22, 2011

Long Beach, CA - April 22nd 2011- Following the resounding success of their inaugural 2010 sell-out season, Long Beach Roller Derby (LBRD) is pleased to announce their return to the "Roller Dome" at the Queen Mary for the 2011 season. To honor Earth Day and recognize her commitment to the environment, we asked Vice Mayor Lowenthal to name our first bout. "We Bleed Green" is the name of the first game and will kick off the season on Earth Day, Friday April 22, 20ll, pitting the Terminal Island Tootsies against the 4th Street Retro Rollers.

This year promises greater excitement with the expansion of the league and a new banked track. Due to overwhelming community support and new derby members, LBRD has added a fourth team to its roster. The Belmont Hot Broads will make their season debut, adding another Long Beach neighborhood to the derby family.

LBRD is excited to unveil their custom built, high speed velodrome banked track. Weighing in at just over 11 tons, the new track will elevate the level of excitement and adrenaline of the game in a way that Long Beach has never experienced. With a full day and a large crew, the track will be moved from the Dome to the adjacent Harry Bridges Memorial Park on Friday September 30, 2011 for a seaside game under the stars.

Tickets for the events SELL OUT fast, so advanced purchase at the LBRD website, is recommended. Grandstand presale tickets are $25.00 or $30.00 at the door. General Admission (standing room only) presale tickets are $15.00 or $20.00 at the door. There is plenty of paid parking available at the Queen Mary, or arrive for free on the Long Beach Transit, Passport C Route.

Long Beach Roller Derby 2011 Season Schedule
April 22, 2011 Terminal Island Tootsies vs. 4th St. Retro Rollers
May 13, 2011 4th St. Retro Rollers vs. Bixby Rollerettes
June 3, 2011 Terminal Island Tootsies vs. Belmont Hot Broads
July 22, 2011 Belmont Hot Broads vs. Bixby Rollerettes
August 19, 2011 Bixby Rollerettes vs. Terminal Island Tootsies
September 30, 2011 The Long Beach GALS vs. TBD
November 11, 2011 4th St. Retro Rollers vs. Belmont Hot Broads
December 9, 2011 CHAMPIONSHIP

“The expanded second season on Long Beach Roller Derby is a true testament to the community’s support,” says Moxi Skate Shop owner and LBRD co-founder Michelle Steilen, “we would not be able to grow the sport at this speed without the businesses in Long Beach and all the amazing fans.” LBRD would like to give special thanks to all of the individuals and businesses that have helped make the new banked track possible for 2011 season; Ed and Kelly Smith, Ryan Smith, Aaron Bostrom and the Neighborhood BMX Builders, 2nd District Councilwoman and Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal, Nate Hudson and BA Moto Club, Suzanne Stasiak and Yann van Dijs.

The Dome is located at 1126 Queens Hwy in Long Beach, CA. Doors open at 7. Spectators of all ages are permitted, but please be aware that this is a full contact sport and there are some safety-related seating restrictions for younger fans. Full bar is available for fans over the age of 21.

The Queen Mary Dome
1126 Queensway, Long Beach, CA

Grandstand Seats: $25.00 presale/$30.00 at the door
General Admission: $15.00 presale/$20.00 at the door

Doors at 7:00pm
Game at 8:30pm

Spectators of all ages are permitted; we make this a family friendly event, but please be aware that there are some safety-related seating restrictions for young fans.

*Alcohol with ID

Grandstand Seats are elevated bleachers, lining each side of the banked track.
General Admission is STANDING ROOM ONLY on the North corner of the track.

Who was the Black Stiletto?

The Black Stiletto was a legend in her own time, an underground heroine who made a name for herself during the late Eisenhower years and early Kennedy years as a New York City vigilante. Although she was wanted by the law and would have been arrested had she been caught or had her secret identity been revealed, the Black Stiletto was a competent and successful crime-fighter. A feminist before the term was in everyday vernacular, she battled common crooks, Communist spies, the mafia, and worse—and was responsible for their capture and, in some cases, their deaths. But the Stiletto disappeared midway through the sixties and was never heard from again. Most people thought she had died, and no one ever knew her identity. Like pinup queen Bettie Page, her mythical image resurfaced in comics and other media during the 1980s and 90s. Millions of dollars were made by others exploiting her likeness and persona. Today, the questions remain. Who was she? Is she still alive? If so, where is she now?


The answers can be found in THE BLACK STILETTO, by internationally-known New York Times best-selling author Raymond Benson.


(Click Photo for FULL View)


Hollywood & Bind:
"We're Not For Everyone...By Design"

Hollywood & Bind is our new fetish fucking fabulous club night, to be held on the first Friday of each month, commencing Friday, April 1st. This WILL NOT be another gothic/industrial dance club served with a side order of fetish, nor will it be a freak show for transients, lookiloos or stalkers. Hollywood & Bind WILL upscale, intimate, Euro-styled monthly party with a bent toward the kinksexual lifestyle, outrageous alternative fashion, erotic art, upbeat dance music, cutting edge performance, and pervy play for all.

As always, the driving force behind our parties is the "Fashion & Passion" of our attendees. So when you arrive at Hollywood & Bind, be prepared to look wild, hot, sexy, twisted, and perved out! Then check your reality at the door and get ready to exhibit your individualism, release your voyeuristic desires, and freely indulge your fetish-erotic passions. We will gladly open our doors to the Kink Curious, as we absolutely LUV corrupting, converting and cavorting. But be forewarned, if you're attire and attitude do not meet our standards enforced by of our Door Bitch, you will be asked to leave, politely of course. As previously stated, "We're Not For Everyone...By Design"

Our location is a swank li'l nightclub in the North Hollywood Arts District, 1 mile from Universal Studios, and only 7 minutes drive from Hollywood. The venue is comfortable, open minded and ideally suited for our needs. It offers affordable cocktails, state of the art sound system, intimate dance floor, plenty of lounge seating, enclosed patio area for play, performance and smoking, VIP areas and bottle service, and convenient valet parking.

Everything you thought you knew about LA Night Life is about to change.

Come join us on April 1st...



Hollywood & Bind


Go-Go's, Photographers, Performers, Door Staff,
Lube Station Hotties, and General Helping Hands
to Support This On-Going Monthly Event.

If interested email RUBBERt @

Logo Kink Events

Girls & Corpses: Playdead Bunnies & The Gouls Next Door

Our Vol 5 Spring Playboy parody issue features Phew Hufner himself, in the rotting flesh, with the Ghouls Next Door (Chastity, Hollie, Joslyn, Heidi and Carla). Also, at the Playdead Mansion: Joslyn James practices her stroke with dead BFF Tiger Wormwood as Charlie Scream lounges by the dead pool at the mansion. This sexy issue also features the band Cradle of Filth; Sex and Metal; The Last Zombie Supper; the last words of The Runaways' Kim Fowley; Skin Bags; The World Record Zombie Walk; Coffin art; Paraphilias, Stripperland, Snake Babe, Dr. Death, Pickled Punks, Ashley Madison, Amateur Corpse of The Month; Last Laughs and much more. So if you don't swing... don't ring.

Brazzers sends well wishes, t-shirts & an offer to Charlie he can’t refuse

By Olive Day on March 09, 2011
There was a cheerful happening today outside the gates of Mulholland Estates, Beverly Hills, CA, which is home-base for Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses. It seems that Brazzers, the number one porn-peddlers in the country, have made Charlie an offer he can't refuse and some light hearted mementos of his recent viral fame to go along with it!

Porn Starlet Britney Amber was escorted to the gates in a Brazzers truck to hand out one of a kind iconic t-shirts which immortalize the iconic "#Winning" trend that has become a global phenomenon from Twitter to the paparazzi camped across the street from the gates of Mulholland Estates.

Britney also dropped off a big box filled with "Charlie's Goddess" t-shirts for Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, Charlie's live-in girlfriends, with a written offer (from Brazzers) to Charlie to consider a reality-based internet series that could amount to millions per day to Charlie.

No word on whether Charlie will accept the offer, but we understand the Goddesses loved the apparel.

We'll let you know soon as we hear anything.



Here you see Britany strutting her stuff and posing fo the camera before we make our way to the Sober Valley House bearing gifts! "Brazzers Hearts Charlie's Goddess" for the ladies of the house and "#winning Brazzers" for the Man himself.


Arriving at King #tigerblood's estate in Beverly Hills, getting ready to hand some shirts to our paparazzi friends.



Outside the #Warlock's estate is Britney Amber posing for the Paparazzi waiting to see if the man will come out of his house!


Our crew giving out some "Brazzers #winning" shirts to some of the hardest working and most patient paparazzi in Beverly Hills! Keep up the good work guys!

With all of the stuff going on in Charlie's life right now, we here at ZZinsider hope the t-shirts gave Charlie a #WINNING smile or at least a chuckle

Off-Target: Lady Gaga Splits From Chain After Anti-Gay Controversy

It seemed like a very unlikely marriage at the start: Gay-rights advocate Lady Gaga, poised to release a gay anthem called "Born This Way," teaming up with Target, a retailer criticized for donating money to political action committees that support anti-gay-rights candidates. "Target and Lady Gaga together is a win-win," the singer's manager Troy Carter said when the star's deal to release an exclusive deluxe edition of Born This Way via the chain was announced in early February. "Target provides us with the perfect platform to really turn the spotlight on the incredible album that Lady Gaga has made," added Interscope Geffen A&M vice chairman Steve Berman.

One month later, Gaga and her team are singing a different tune. "Lady Gaga and Target came to a mutual decision to end their overall exclusive partnership a few weeks ago," a rep for the singer tells The Amp in a statement. "[Lady Gaga] and Target didn't see eye to eye on Target's policy of political donations and how they affect the LGBT community," an unnamed source told the Advocate, whose website broke the story last night. Target didn't respond to a request for comment at press time.

Target became a target for gay rights groups after the company donated $150,000 to MN Forward, a PAC that supported Minnesota State Representative Tom Emmer's 2010 campaign for governor. The conservative Emmer spoke out in favor of a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage and met with members of the nonprofit ministry You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, Inc., which stated the execution of gays was "moral." After gay-rights groups complained and the Human Rights Campaign bought a full page ad in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologized in August, saying, "I realize our decision affected many of you in a way I did not anticipate, and for that I am genuinely sorry." Four months later, however, journalists learned the controversial donations had not ended: $31,200 more was handed out to politicians or groups that oppose gay rights.

Lady Gaga -- who was escorted to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards by military servicemen and women affected by Don't Ask Don't Tell -- said one of her goals for the Target team-up was to improve the company's thorny relationship with the gay community. "That discussion was one of the most intense conversations I've ever had in a business meeting," she told Billboard last month. "Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they've made in the past... Our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they've made supporting those groups." Target created a new "policy committee" to oversee the company's donations and pledged to spend nearly a half-million dollars -- a mere 2 percent of its community cause budget -- supporting groups like Out and Equal Workplace, Twin Cities Pride, and Project 515.

Target's exclusive deluxe edition of Born This Way was set to include three additional studio tracks and five remixes. Anyone who preordered the disc from February 11th through 26th on the store's website received a free download of its title track. The company had previously released exclusive CD sets by Prince and Taylor Swift, and in January announced they'd joined forces with a prominent gay artist: Ricky Martin.

Hugh Hefner’s Fiancée -- I'm Releasing A SONG!

First Paris Hilton ... then Kim Kardashian ... and now Hugh Hefner’s smoking hot Playmate fiancée -- but sadly, we're not talking about another sex tape ... we're talking about a brand new POP SONG.

TMZ has has learned .. Crystal Harris will be releasing her first single "Club Queen" in June ... right before her big wedding to Hef -- but here's the kicker ... she's not doing it alone.

We're told she's pulling out some big guns to make sure her pipes are pitch perfect ... enlisting the help of famed vocal coach Seth Riggs -- who has also helped the likes of Madonna, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross.

That's right -- we just mentioned Crystal Harris and Madonna in the same sentence. And we meant it.

Chatting With… Prince Poppycock!

We loved Prince Poppycock on America's Got Talent! We loved him before he was on the show! We love him even more now!

Perez recently caught up with the talented performer to find out what he's been up to since the show ended, what his future plans are, being different, being born that way, Dita Von Teese, performing at Lady GaGa's birthday party and more!

Be THAT Girl....

Have you ever daydreamed of being that gal
in a world famous ELVGREN pinup painting?
Now’s your chance with a twist,
ELVGREN by Tatyana is here
to bring that classic playful style to life...

Have a wonderful week from the staff at Bettie Page Clothing!