Hugh Hefner's Future Looks Bright

Hugh Hefner is putting the past year behind him and looking forward to a romantic and successful 2012. Here's what the Playboy icon has to say about his sexy new year.

Cooper Hefner Hugh Hefner

Some 85-year-olds may spend their days playing bridge at the retirement home -- but they aren't Hugh Hefner. The Playboy mogul says that 2012 is shaping up to be one of his most successful in recent memory -- and he is leaving room for romance, too.

"Retirement is unthinkable to me," Hef told the Associated Press. "The future is bright and very exciting and I'm looking forward to playing a part in it."

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Despite the cancellation of both his TV show, The Playboy Club, and his wedding to Crystal Harris, Hef says business and pleasure still have a lead role in his life.

"I don't know that I would be best served at married (life)," he said. "But I do know that I need an ongoing romantic relationship." Hef is currently healing his broken heart with two new 25-year-old girlfriends, Playboy models Shera Bechard and Anna Berglund.

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Hef is getting some help from his son, Cooper Hefner, in breathing new life into the Playboy brand, including reopening branches of The Playboy Club around the world, sponsoring a short film contest and lighting a fire under a previously shelved biopic of his famous dad.

"Most people's lives, if they are successful, have a peak and then it's a bell-shaped curve, or they have wonderful years and then a slow dissipation. The opposite has been the case here," Hefner noted. "I'm the luckiest guy, from my perspective, the luckiest guy on the planet."

"If you can do that and make some real difference in the world, it's too sweet."

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Tease-O-Rama Applications due in 8 days!

Mark your calendars for the 2012 Tease-O-Rama April 19th – 22.

Tease-O-Rama is the World’s PREMIERE international weekend-long convention and showcase dedicated to the foxy, fabulous, and over-the-top world of burlesque. Since 2001, Tease-O-Rama set the sequin-spangled standard for presenting the best in eye-popping burlesque entertainment.

Applications are due Sunday January 8th!!

Hotel, Tickets and Performer line-up announced in January 2012.

Sponsorship info:

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Holiday News from Skin Two

San Francisco Citadel forced to relocate. Needs help with fundraising effort! San Francisco is not only a beautiful city, it’s the home of BDSM in the USA. The fetish/SM culture in the bay area is something very special and a part of all our heritage. The Citadel is the largest BDSM dungeon/social space in SF, which makes it a vital centre of BDSM culture. The landlords have decided to raise the rent and there’s no way the Citadel can afford to remain – they had to look for a new home. A space has been found, but the club needed to borrow $24,000 - which needs to be paid back very soon... Help is needed. The Citadel is having an auction at their New Year fundraiser. Donate! Make a bid! Businesses and individuals can donate items or gift certificates, clubs can hold fundraisers. (Skin Two is giving a VIP night out in London, with dinner for two and entry to a fetish club.) Join in and help out – it all adds up. Pass the word to everyone you know. Go here to find information on their fund-raising needs, as well as a button to donate -

Fetish Website Hosting – and Online Payment Set-Up
If you have a fetish/BDSM website, you won’t need me to tell you what a pain it can be to find hosting that’s fetish-friendly. Even worse than that, try getting a shopping cart set up and online credit card payments. I’ve been deleted by PayPal twice, restricted by two major banks – what a hassle it all is.
So I am happy to recommend a firm I’ve recently discovered, run by fetish people with long experience in hosting and payment systems. They already host sites for a number of fetish businesses worldwide, from small to large operations – and they have been really helpful on a new online shopping cart. So, wherever in the world you are located, if you want reliable people to help you through all this, I suggest you go here

Art Erotica Exhibition Opens 19th January
Art Erotica is a major new event in the London art calendar that will present a high-profile opportunity to exhibit for artists producing work in the erotic genre. Most media, including painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, drawing/graphic art, mixed media/construction and original prints are eligible for entry. The 2012 Art Erotica benefits the respected sexual health charity FPA. Read more here

Submissive Women and Dominant Men in London
Quite a few people have been asking about a club for sub women and dom men in London. A place where women can go confidently. We have volunteered to pass the word and put people together. Genuine enquiries from sane people to

Upcoming Events

Sunday 18th December, New York, USA: Fetish Tribe

Information on Sunday - and on the upcoming events in NYC, is at

Wednesday 21st December, Richmond BDSM; West London/Middlesex, UK
Richmond BDSM members are invited to a private drinks and dungeon party at Lady Samantha’s house. Numbers are limited, so respond promptly - see details at

Friday 23rd December, Atlanta GA, USA: SecretRoom

SecretRoom’s pyjama party is at the Jungle Club, 2115 Faulkner Rd NE, Atlanta 30324. Entry is only $5 in Christmas outfits, red and white, pyjamas and lingerie. ($10 everyone else.) Spanking and shibari in the side lounge. Watch their halloween video at

Tuesday 27th December, Derby: Club Dominion End of Year Party

This is Dominion’s annual celebration and usually their busiest party of the year when many people are enjoying extended seasonal breaks. Play kit by Nemesis. Venue: Curzons in Derby. Times: 9.00 pm till 2 am. Admission: £10 including mid evening buffet. Dress is fetish in all its forms with a minimum of all black - seasonal festive themes welcome!

Friday 30th December, London: Club AntiChrist NOT New Year Party
There are ten themed zones at the AntiChrist event at Club Colosseum in Vauxhall. Just ignore the usual NYE bollox and party. Entertainment includes Satan’s Strip Show, the Theatre of Sin, burlesque star Fifi Fatale, Joe Black, Fist Fuck Deluxe, Generation Graveyard and Parish Circus. There are several different zones of music, a dungeon, a couples’ playroom and free tea in the morning. Full info and tickets at

Saturday December 31st, Fort Lauderdale, USA: XFP New Years Party
Fetish Factory hosts the XFP New Years Party on December 31st at a location only available to XFP Members (Membership is free! Click HERE to Join)
The event will be intimate and exclusive. Maximum capacity 250 members. Please visit the official Alter Ego website for info:

Saturday December 31st, London: Torture Garden New Year’s Eve Ball
TG’s famous NYE Ball is at Mass, St Mathew Peace Garden, London SW2 1JF. Artists include Empress Stah, Des O’Connor, Syban, Marnie Scarlett, Jodie Harsh, Janette Slack, Jimmy Mofo, Rockit Riyad, Joe Black, David TG, The Secretary. There will be a club arena, ballroom, dungeon boudoir crypt and couples’ playroom. Enforced fantasy dress code, of course. Midnight countdowns, balloon drops, confetti cannons and pyros!

Coming up in 2012

Club RUB Events in 2012, London

* January 21st - Animal Menagerie and Beautiful Beasts
* February 18th - Streampunk, Tarts in Tartan and Kinky in Kilts
* March 17th - Gay Icons - from the Village People to showgirls
* April 21st - Circus Extrodinaire and Freakshow - 15th Birthday
* May 19th - Aliens Abduction Aboard the Starship Enterprise
* June 16th - Clowns, Puppets, Dolls, Harajuku and Manga Cuties

Subversion Events in 2012, London

* February 4th - Purple pervery & pink passion
* April 7th - Uniforms
* June 2nd - Silver queens
* August 4th - Hot as hell
* Friday October 5th - Latex Leather & Lace
* December 1st - Corseted Christmas

Saturday 21st January, Richmond BDSM, West London, UK

* Join us at Swish, the local fetish party held at the Hellfire Club in Sunbury.
* Then, our regular munch at the White Cross pub is back on the fourth Monday of each month from Monday 23rd January, see

Saturday March 24th, New York, USA: Miss Rubber World

The Baroness will be MC at this big New York event, which goes from strength to strength. The affair lasts from the Friday pre-party through a tour of NY fetish shops on Saturday afternoon, to the big party on Saturday night. Host hotel is the Affinia Manhattan Hotel, so you can party with friends in your room all weekend.

June 2nd - 5th, New York, USA: New York Fetish Marathon

New York’s famous fetish fest is back,with four days of parties, including SMack!, Paddles and The Baroness’ Royal Amusements. See the cream of NYC’s fetish clubbing all at one four-day marathon!

Frocks Tranny Parties for 2012
Frocks is a series of parties for t-girls and their admirers, held at the excellent Vanilla Alternative venue on the A1 near Sandy, Bedfordshire. Frocks is organised by Michelle Rust of Honest. Here is the Frocks diary of bi-monthly parties on the third Thursday of the month…
* February 16th - Valentines
* April 19th - Easter Parade
* June 21st - Summer Ball
* August 16th - Prom Queens
* October 18th - Anniversary Kiss
* December 20th - Christmas Bling
Honest is at
The Vanilla Alternative is at

September 29, Lyons, France

Bal des Supplices

Other Fetish News

Do you run a Fetish Business? Want to get your Flyers Distributed?
We use and recommend HandJobsMedia to distribute flyers to fetish events across the UK -

Skin Two Halloween Ball - the Photos!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Skin Two Halloween Ball Weekend. We’ve had a lot of positive comments and it seems you all loved the venue. Thanks to everyone who appeared; Alix Fox, our lovely MC – cabaret performers Lottie Kixx and Paisley X, Boudicca Blue Bodyart, Ropeslut and his Muse, Master Cosmic, Lady K’s Burlesque Show, Sidonia, Nina and the Bondage Dolly, photographer Helena Eloise and of course the UKs top dominatrixes; Mistress Rebekka Raynor, Domina Liza, Lady Bellatrix, Nina Birch, Lady Samantha, Miz Behave and Sidonia von Bork. Check out the photos here

Thursday Nights in West London - Promoter Needed

The excellent Hellfire Club in Sunbury, on the West side of London, not far from Heathrow, is easy to reach from London and the Thames Valley area. They have a Thursday slot available for an experienced and capable fetish club promoter. Their dungeon is large and well equipped and the dance and bar area very comfortable. The building is in a business park, so evening parking is easy. If you are a reliable promoter (no fruitcakes, druggies or dreamers please!), check it out -

Any Questions?

Get back to me at


Story Behind Fastball - The Way


The couple left their home on the morning of Saturday, June 28, 1997. They were headed to the Pioneer Days Festival, a festival honoring longtime residents, in nearby Temple, a fifteen mile trip. They stopped at the neighborhood Wal-Mart for coffee, something they often did during the week.

About twelve hours after they initially left home, they were stopped in northern Arkansas near the town of Subiaco by Logan County sheriff's deputy Harold Cole because they were driving with no headlights. Cole radioed Lela's information in, but, unaware that the couple was lost or missing and having no reason to detain them, let them go.

Looking back on the incident, officer Cole later stated that there were warning signs that something might have been wrong. It took several miles of flashing his lights before Lela pulled over, she was fumbling a little when Cole instructed her to turn on her headlights, and though she said she was going to Texas, she was headed the wrong way. However this was not enough to warrant holding them.

"I feel terrible about it. I just wished I'd known more that night to give me a little suspicion. There was just nothing there out of the ordinary... I was impressed by the lady... She was polite. She was kind. She was gentle… I had no probable cause to detain them any longer. And I certainly had no probable cause to think they were wanted," Cole said.

Forty-five minutes later they were stopped again near the town of Plainview by a Yell County sheriff's deputy for driving with their high-beams on. Although by this time the couple had been reported as missing, unfortunately no computer checks were run, and again they were let go. This was the last time they were seen alive.

When the couple did not return home by 4 p.m. that day, Lela's son Hal Copeland called the Bell County sheriff's office to report them missing.[4]

Several relatives of the Howards spent the July fourth weekend searching for them. They distributed fliers, drove back roads, and questioned law enforcement officials and storekeepers. The Howards' grandson James Stewart offered a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the couple.

Police were flooded with tips about the couple nationwide after a segment was aired on CBS's This Morning, however none of them led anywhere according to officer Wayne Jordan of the Arkansas State Police.[5]

Death and discovery

Exactly two weeks after they disappeared, two teenagers on a hike through the Ouachita Mountains found the Howards' maroon Oldsmobile Delta 88 and the bodies of Lela and Raymond at the bottom of a 25-foot cliff. The highway they were driving on before the crash was known for being a treacherous, curvy road.[6]

Although it was initially reported that Raymond was driving the car, when the full investigation's details were released, they showed that Lela had in fact been behind the wheel. Police estimated that Lela was driving about 50 miles per hour when she ran a stop sign and drove off the road and over the cliff, most likely due to a combination of the dark, winding road and mental fatigue. There were no skid marks, indicating Lela was unaware she had run the sign. The report stated that after the crash, Lela put the car in parking gear and removed the keys. She walked around to the passenger side door which she apparently opened, then walked about 20 feet away from the car before collapsing. Raymond never left the passenger seat.[7] She was 83 years old. He was 88.


Because the disappearance of Lela and Raymond made national headlines, their eventual discovery raised concerns on whether or not the elderly need to undergo driver testing. Texas State Representative Tony Goolsby introduced a bill that would order the Department of Transportation to come up with some way to ensure that drivers 75 years of age and older could "exercise ordinary and reasonable control in the operation of a motor vehicle."

This fueled a national debate on whether or not such a bill would infringe on the rights of senior citizens. The American Association of Retired Persons strongly disapproved of any such legislation stating, "It is discriminatory in all senses of the word."

However others such as Homer Lear of the Silver-Haired Legislature disagreed and said the idea did have merit.[8]

The Baroness' Annual Holiday Cocktail Party and Lubricated Shopping!

The Barones holiday latexHappy HOlidays!

'Tis the season and at the boutique my elves are bustling as we prepare for a very shiny, slippery holiday month. It starts with our traditional trip to Macy's Santa Land, where we sit on his lap, tell him our wish list, and entertain the crowd, all decked out in our red and green latex holiday ensembles.

The Baroness Fetish latex ChristmasAfter that...Link

Thursday, December 15th, from 7-10pm, join us at the boutique for our annual lubricated shopping holiday cocktail party and sale!
Drink champagne, nibble on snacks, socialize, and—to make it easy to shop for yourself and those on your Christmas list—receive 20% off all in-stock latex, and up to 50% off already-discounted sale items, as my gift to you! A perfect latex stocking stuffer is our holiday aprons in red & green with snow flake and Christmas tree appliqu├ęs, or our marabou trimmed red latex Mrs. Clause dress! The boutique is located at 530 B East 13th Street between Avenues A & B, New York City.

Saturday, December 17th, NYC, I and my band of latex elves and naughty Santas will be at Stimulate where we will decorate the human Christmas Tree!

December 25th until January 2nd we will be open by appointment only and infrequently checking emails to recover from all the holiday parties and gather strength for more of them!

An upcoming event that you will need to prepare for outfit-wise, be you contestant or attendee, is Miss Rubber World 2012, on Saturday, March 24th, in New York City. Once again I will be the emcee for the evening and will also show a small collection of Baroness latex fashions. This event gets better each year and if you are thinking of entering the prizes are incredible, however the competition is fierce and you will need to dress to really impress in more than one outfit! Remember, custom creations take time, so contact me soon so we can create something astonishing! (Seems like a great time to take advantage of our lubricated shopping cocktail party and sale).

I Remain,

The Baroness
530 B East 13th Street
New York City, NY 10009
Monday-Saturday 2-7 Thursday 2-9

Lindsay Lohan's Nude Playboy Cover Has Leaked

Lindsay Lohan's Nude Playboy Cover Has Leaked

Lindsay Lohan's nude Playboy cover, which she was paid $1 million to pose for, made its way onto the internet today.

It's too bad, because she was supposed to unveil the cover on "The Ellen DeGeneres show" on December 15th, in her first televised interview since she violated probation. The issue goes on sale in late December.

Some of her body is noticeably covered up by the Playboy bunny sign, but she's definitely naked. When will the rest of the images leak? That's the question.

[NY Post]

AVN Awards 2012: The Nominees

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—AVN is pleased to announce the nominees for the 2012 AVN Awards Show, taking place Saturday, January 21 at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

The complete list of nominees can be found at or downloaded as a pdf file by clicking here.

The 2012 AVN Awards will be co-hosted by adult luminaries Bree Olson and Sunny Leone—both up for Crossover Star of the Year—with comedian Dave Attell taking his second turn as the evening's funnyman.

A committee of 10 AVN critics spent close to a month and a half compiling nominations in over 130 categories recognizing companies, talent, technicians and creative professionals across the spectrum of the adult entertainment industry. Several new categories were created to reflect the ever-evolving market trends of the business; these include Best Studio Website, Best Solo Girl Website, Best All-Sex Release - Mixed Format, Best Director - Parody and Best Celebrity Sex Tape.

Vivid Entertainment dominated the latter with six contenders from its Vivid Celeb line, but Dream Zone Entertainment and new imprint Exquisite Celebrity scored nods as well. Vivid founder Steven Hirsch also received special recognition of his own in another brand-new category, the AVN Visionary Award, honoring him for his singular achievement in bringing adult into the mainstream sphere.

Leading the pack for overall nominations, as it frequently does, was distributor Evil Angel, with its stable of directors collectively earning 114 mentions. The newest member of the Evil Angel team, performer/director Bobbi Starr, made a particularly impressive showing, earning a total of 16 noms for her work in front of and behind the camera, including Best Actress (for New Sensations Romance's A Little Part of Me), Best Anal Sex Scene (in her own Shut Up and Fuck), Best Director - Non-Feature (for Shut Up and Fuck), Best Girl/Girl Sex Scene (in Elegant Angel Productions' Prison Girls), Best Oral Sex Scene (in Jessica Drake's Guide to Wicked Sex: Fellatio from Wicked Pictures), Best Supporting Actress (in New Sensations' Scooby-Doo: A XXX Parody) and Female Performer of the Year.

Starr's male counterpart would seem to be comback sensation and her Shut Up and Fuck scene partner Nacho Vidal, who picked up 12 noms encompassing the all-Nacho debauchery fests Nacho Invades America (Jules Jordan Video) and Nacho Vidal vs. Live Gonzo (Cruel Media/Evil Angel), as well as a Male Performer of the Year notice and induction into the AVN Hall of Fame.

Very close on Evil Angel's heels for overall mentions was Jules Jordan Video, with 112 total, including a nomination for Jules Jordan himself as Director of the Year (Body of Work). The reigning victor in that category, parody king Axel Braun, had arguably an even better year this time around, with his Vivid release Spider-Man XXX: A Porn Parody racking up 16 nominations, the Axel Braun Productions title Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody (distributed by Vivid) scoring nine, and his Hustler Video effort This Ain't Ghostbusters XXX 3D landing eight, just to name a few.

Fellow parody-smith Will Ryder didn't do too badly, either, earning 12 nominations for his New Sensations release The Flintstones: A XXX Parody, and another 12 between his X-Play/Adam & Eve Pictures projects Beverly Hillbillies: A XXX Parody and Rocky XXX: A Parody Thriller!.

The most nods for a single title went to Wicked Pictures' The Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody, earning 18 total, including Best Actor (newcomer Mac Turner), Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography (Jake Jacobs), Best Director - Parody (Brad Armstrong), Best Editing (Scott Allen) and two mentions in Best Original Song (for the ditties "Fuck-a-Fuck-a" and "Oversexed Porn Star").

"I am extremely pleased with the nominations list our committee produced this year," AVN senior editor Peter Warren said. "I've been a part of this process for nine years now, and I can honestly say I think this is the most thorough and rock-solid job we've ever done. I look forward to hearing everybody's response to the nominations, and on behalf of the entire committee, I extend our warmest congratulations to everyone recognized."

For information about tickets to the 2012 AVN Awards, go to or contact Bonnie LeBlanc at or (818) 718-5788 ext. 101.