saving dogs and reaching more people to help!


"you can't save all the animals in the world... but you can save one!"

you can turn and walk away, no one will know - except for you!

Every day I think how different life would be if the word conscience didn't exist (for some it obviously doesn't). Well, life isn't that simple and the word conscience exists and it is a word that I live my life by.

Even though the shelter dogs aren't really our problem, they are living beings that share this planet with us. We could choose to walk away, we didn't put them there - but the people who put them there, will never get them out - that's where we come in. And we're making strides...

Recently we completed our first music video starring Orlando Brown. You may remember Orlando from the Disney show, It's So Raven. He is one of coolest guys you could meet and he puts his money where is mouth is and even more so - he really cares. He recently recorded the song HERO and when we approached him to do the music video he and his manager Reno jumped at the chance.

Check out this new video that will reach people normally outside the reach of animal rights and rescue. Reaching these people IS the answer and that is the path I strive for with Bound Angels.

thank you to Kim Sill for producing this video with Reno Rankin!

Last month Bound Angels was invited to Ventura County Animal Services in Camarillo CA to help them with marketing dogs for adoption as well as using our Behavior Assessment and Modification Program. Thousands of dogs are killed in shelters because staff and volunteers don't know how to properly deal with canine behavioral problems. These issues are not addressed through conventional training, but it is something that we specialize in helping with. Needless to say that with shelters such as VCAS reaching out to us, we will be able to save countless lives by giving dogs with behavioral issues the same chance at life as those that may have a medical ailment. It is our goal to take this training program nationally in 2012 - and we're on the way.

Printed copies of SELLING USED DOGS are now available. We're making 75 of them available to anyone in rescue for FREE thanks to a grant from a donor. These books retail for $14.95, anyone who can send us their information and we can see they work at a shelter or rescue group can get the book for the cost of shipping only.

Check out

Another exciting announcement is that earlier this month I was invited by the Heigl Foundation to help them understand our Selling Used Dogs Program and our Behavioral Modification System. I spent 6 hours with them teaching, demonstrating and answering questions - and most importantly making friends with more like minded people. Thank you to each of you!

Here's a link to a part of the lecture on fear based aggression.

lease support our work so we can continue to save those pets discarded by others

Many of you have asked for the link to the KTLA Hero at Home segment: Here it is:


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We provide, free of charge, online dog training advice through Black Belt Dog Training. These articles provide insight into the canine behavior that often lands dogs in shelters and at risk of being killed. I have received countless emails from people attesting to the benefits they've experienced following the advice in these posts, in particular Bringing Home the New Dog. Please pass this link along to anyone who may be troubled by the behavior of their dog or anyone who has a question regarding training. Well trained dogs are the least likely to end up dumped in shelters and are often the first ones adopted if they are.

Thank you for reading and thanks for being a part of the revolution that is changing the way people see shelter dogs... and all dogs in general.

Robert Cabral