Tease-O-Rama - 10 Years Later!

10 years ago today marks the anniversary of the very FIRST neo- burlesque convention and showcase on planet earth - TEASE-O-RAMA!
It is so crazy to think that at that first New Orleans event we invited EVERYONE we could think of doing burlesque and that was about 25 different acts! LOL. Over the years the burlesque scene has grown waaaayyyy beyond what we could have ever imagined from multiple burlesque weekenders, movies and documentaries, books, conventions, tours and oh so much more. It really is mind boggling!
The main reason Alison Fensterstock and I (Baby Doe) decided to do Tease-O-Rama 2001 was to bring together this incredibly diverse group of burlesque, cabaret, and go-go dancers from all over the world and create a COMMUNITY! Lucky for us we had amazing helpers that first year from Debbie Mink, Superfly Productions, our first emcee Juan Rapido (I think he spent half the night doing the monkey dance to kill time), support from Dixie Evans and The Devil-Ettes did a whole lot of the volunteering and hand holding that first year. We had so much love and excitement generated in New Orleans by all the dancers and attendees this confirmed that we were onto something special. In 2002 Alan Parowski joined the production and we continued to produce Tease-O-Rama six more times including a west coast tour to multiple cities. I could write a whole book about all my Tease-O-Rama adventures over years!
So often I am asked ‘when is the next Tease-O-Rama’ and my goal has always been to make this event the BEST that it can be. Money/Kids/Day Job/dance troupe/ and a zillions other things have prevented me from doing the event every year but Tease-O-Rama is not gone and lost forever. We will be back....
I just wanted to send High Fives out to all those who we have worked with us throughout the years and who believed in what we were doing and always welcomed us with glittery open arms!
Can't believe it has been 10 years!
XO Baby Doe
"Things have certainly changed since then in the burlesque world, but Tease-O-Rama 2001 will always be my first big burlesque revelation." - DIRTY MARTINI
"The first Tease-O-Rama was a galvanizing moment for me, and I think for the rest of the Neo-Burlesque community. It was the first time I saw other people from around the country and the world who were doing the same kind of art I had been doing for years. I felt like I suddenly found My People." - Indigo Blue
"Tease-O-Rama is where I first met a lot of the performers I admire and am still friends with.... It gave me my first look at how varied and creative the community is and it made me a better performer- I definitely went away inspired and ready to take all I'd learned from the classes and from watching my peers on stage." - Michelle Baldwin
Check out this list of EVERYONE who ever performed at a Tease-O-Rama!
(please let me know if I forgot someone!)
Adonna Vichet (LA)
Alotta Boutte - SF
Amber Ray - NYC
Amelie Soleil - UK
Ana Bon Bon (Canada)
Anna Bells and Joshie Jingles - LA
Ava Garter - LA
Baby Le Strange -PDX
Baggy Pants Comedy Revue (Los Angeles)
Bambi Senior
Bardot Au Go Go DJ Cali Kid!
Bella Beretta - LA
Belles Du Jour - SF
Ben DeLaCreme -Seattle
Bobbie Burlesque - LA
Bombshell Betty - SF
Bombshell Betty Burlesqueteers- SF
Bonnie Dunn (New York City)
Boudiccea (Los Angeles)
Bunny Pistol - SF
Burgundy Brixx - Seattle
Burlesque As It Was (Denver)
Burlesque Costumes Fashion Parade by Inga
Burlesque-O- Rama (Los Angeles)
BurlyQ - A Queer Cabaret (Seattle)
BurlyQ London (UK)
Buxotica Burlesque the Girls of La Lucha Voom (Los Angeles)
Candy Whiplash (New Orleans)
Cardinal Cyn - Austin
Catherine D'Lish
Cecilia (Paris, France)
Charlotte La Belle Araigne'e (LA)
Charlotte Truse- PDX
Cherokee Rose - Chicago
Cherry Malone (Sacramento)
Cherry Pop Burlesque (Madison)
Cherry Typhoon - Japan
Chica Boom - SF
Circle Tribal - Ashland
cirque du soleil - Zumanity Performers (Las Vegas)
Clandestine - SF
Cock T's - SF
Coconuts - SF
Dames in Dis'Dress (San Diego)
Dane's Dames - San Francisco
Darlinda Just Darlinda (NYC)
Delilah - SF/UK
Delirium Tremens - Brooklyn
Desire d'Amour (AZ)
Devil Doll (Los Angeles)
Devillia de Dallas - SF
Devotchka (Denver)
Diamond Daggers - SF
Dirty Martini - New York City
Dita von Teese
Dixie Evans from the Burlesque Hall of Fame
DJ Delachaux (SF)
DJ Hitman Hearn (UK)
Dominique Trixx - IL
Dottie Lux - SF
Dottie Lux and Glen Marla - NYC
Eliza Bane (LA)
Emcee Juan Rapido
Empire Burlesque Follies (Vancouver, Canada)
Ernie Von Schmaltz - Redmond
Erochica Bamboo (Japan)
Esperanza - SF
Eva von Slut (San Francisco)
Fancy Chance (UK)
Fanny Fitztightlee - Denver
Fanny Tastic - Chicago
Fat Bottom Revue (SF)
Fisherman's Famous Burlesque featuring The Cantankerous Lollies -San Francisco
Fisherman's Original Famous Burlesque (New York City)
Flame Cynders - LA
Foxy Tann - Minneapolis
Ginger Goldmine (Los Angeles)
Gorilla X, Gorilla to the Stars
Gyna Rose Jewel
Hamfist - Ashland only
Harlem Shake (Oakland)
Harvest Moon (New York City)
Holiday O'Hara - SF
Honey Lulu - UK
Honey Touche' - Denver
HoopGirl - SF
Horne (Belgium)
Hot Pink Feathers (SF)
Hottie McNaughty - Seattle
Imogen Kelly - Australia
Indigo Blue (Seattle)
Inga Ingenue - Seattle
Isis Starr - SF
Jo Boobs - NYC
Kalani Kokonuts - Las Vegas
Kaplans World Famous Burlesque (New York City)
Kari French (Los Angeles)
Kellita - SF
Kiki Bomb - SF
Kingfish & Eddie of Hubba Hubba Revue - SF
Kitten de Ville (Los Angeles)
Kitten Le Rue - Seattle
Kitty Crimson - Denver
Kitty Diggens - Portland/LA/ NYC
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang - SF
La Cholita - LA
Lady Monster - SF
Lily Le Rouge - SF
Little Brooklyn (NYC)
Lola The Vamp (Australia)
Lolita Haze - Phoenix
Mad V Dog - SF
Manuella (Los Angeles)
March Fourth
Mari Kari (LA)
MC Luigi Scorcia (New York City)
Meghan Mayhem- Honolulu
Memphis Confidential - Memphis
Michelle L'amour (Chicago)
Michelle La Roche - Pasadena
Midnite Martini - Denver
Mimi First - Chicago
Mimi Le Meaux - San Diego
Ming Dynatease - LA
Miss Bella Beretta (LA)
Miss Bonnie Dunn (New York City)
Miss Charlotte La Belle (Los Angeles), and Sparkly Devil (Detroit)
Miss Delirium Tremens - NYC
Miss Eva von Slut - SF
Miss Indigo Blue (Seattle)
Miss Jezebel Express - NYC
Miss Kitten on the Keys!
Miss Malone – Sacramento
Miss Marion - Paris
Miss Satanica Szandor (Los Angeles)
Miz Ginger Snapz - Seattle
Mizty Cream - Canada
Ms Violetta Beretta - Hawaii
Murasaki Baby Doll (Japan)
Mynx D'Meanor - San Diego
Myths and Legends - LA
Myths and Legends Dance Company - LA
Oh La La Presents (Denver)
Old School Dance Moves with Satan's Angel
Olive Talique (Madison), Monica the Tiki Goddess (Oakland), Didi von
Ooh la La Bellydance - SF
Ophelia Couer de Noir and Gorilla X - SF
Oracle Dance (Denver)
Panty Raid! - Nashville
Peaches Christ
Peekaboo Burlesque - SF
Peekaboo Pointe - NYC
Penny Starr Jr (LA)
Perillium - SF
Pervy Princesses - Seattle {in Portland ONLY}
Pinchbottom Burlesque - NYC
Polly Wood - Seattle
Pookie Patootie - NYC
Princess Farhana (LA)
Racie Gunzales (Los Angeles)
Ravenna Black - Seattle
Rev. Spooky LeStrange & Her Billion Dollar Baby Dolls
Reverend Spooky LeStrange - New Orleans
Roky Roulette - SF
Ruby Fuerza - SF
Ruby White - SF
Sabina Kelley (Las Vegas)
Sadie LaGuerre - PDX
Sahara Dunes - PDX {Portland and Ashland ONLY!}
San Francisco Burlesque Orchestra featuring Mad V.Dog (San Francisco)
Satan's Angel
Satanica Szandor (LA)
Scandalesque - AZ
Scenic Sisters - SF
Scotty the Blue Bunny - SF
Senor Amour
SF Boylesque - SF
Shabnam- SF
Sophia Sirena - LA
Sparkly Devil (Detroit/SF)
Stella Starr from Va Va Va Voom (Brighton, UK)
Summer Peaches (LA)
Sydni Deveraux - Seattle {in Seattle ONLY}
Tana the Tattooed Lady - PDX {See her in Portland, Seattle, Ashland ONLY!}
Tatah DuJour - Key West
The Atomic Bombshells (Seattle)
The Bombshell! Girls (New York City)
The Cantankerous Lollies (San Francisco)
The Chainsaw Chubbettes (SF)
The Cock-Ts - SF
The Devil-Ettes (San Francisco)
The Dimestore Jive Revue from the U.K.!
The Fishnet Floozys (Los Angeles)
The Flying Fox - SF
The Fortunettes (New York City)
The Gun St. Girls (Seattle/Portland)
The Gun Street Girls (Portland/Seattle)
The Honey Buns - Chicago
The Lavendar Cabaret (Chicago)
The Lollies (San Francisco)
The Original Fat Bottom Revue (San Francisco)
The San Francisco Famous Burlesque Orchestra with MC
The Shim Shamettes with The Shim Sham Revue- New Orleans
The SophistiCats and the SophistiKittens!
The Southern Jeze-belles (New Orleans)
The Sugarplum Elves - SF
The Twilight Vixen Revue - Oakland
The Von Foxies - Seattle
The Wau Wau Sisters (New York City)
The World Famous *BOB* (New York City)
The World Famous Pontani Sisters
Thrill and Monica the Tiki Goddess
Thru the Keyhole (Boston)
Tigger! - NYC
Topaz - Chicago
Torchy Taboo (Atlanta)
Trixie Little (Baltimore)
Trixy Vixen - UK
Twilight Vixen - SF
Va Va Voom Room
Vavavavoom! - Brighton, U.K.
Velvet Hammer - Los Angeles
Velvet Ice
Venus DeMille (LA)
Vienna Le Rouge (Seattle)
Violet Eva - Japan
Vivian Velvet - Chicago
Vivienne VaVoom - Denver
Von Foxies (Seattle)
Waxie Moon - Seattle
Zoe Bonini - New Orleans