‘Playboy’ show will shoot in Chicago

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Eddie Cibrian will play a lawyer in the upcoming NBC drama “The Playboy Club.”

As one TV show leaves Chicago, another arrives.

NBC has ordered “The Playboy Club,” a drama set in 1963 Chicago. The pilot was shot locally, and a representative for the show’s studio said the series will be as well.

The news arrived the day after viewers learned Fox canceled the hometown cop drama “The Chicago Code.”

“The Playboy Club” stars Amber Heard (“The Stepfather”) and Jenna Dewan (“Melrose Place”) as bunnies serving the city’s elite at the first of Hugh Hefner’s swanky nightspots. Eddie Cibrian of “CSI: Miami” plays a club regular, a lawyer.

The show was created by Chad Hodge of the short-lived CW fugitive series “Runaway.”

Darel Jevens