AIM (Adult Industry Medical) Healthcare Clinic Shuts Down

by violet on May 2, 2011

Porn performer Juliette Stray just tweeted about the sudden closure today of AIM (Adult Industry Medical) Healthcare Clinic. According to Raincoat Reviews, the Free Speech Coalition (a porn industry legal org) called an industry and member-only meeting last Friday to discuss Workplace Safety, Performer Testing. As you can see by Sarah Shevon’s tweet, only seven porn performers attended the meeting. Apparently at the fateful meeting, they quietly decided to abruptly close the clinic responsible for standardized STD/STI testing, health certificates and community testing enforcement in the mainstream adult industry. AIM was also used by non-porn people for its top-rate tests and fast results.

AIM has not issued a press release nor made any comment or hint on their website that they have closed. Disturbingly, their site has been taken offline. This means anyone who had good tests can no longer access the test results or have them accessed – the online proof and verification of having clean tests is gone. AIM’s Get Tested link is also broken.

According to tweets, it’s just sort of expected that people in the industry will “just know” to get their tests from Talent Testing. This outlet has a turnaround of 4-6 days for results, as opposed to AIM’s results in 24-hours.

I’ll be updating this post when someone queefs out a press release, for corrections/updates, or when we get more information from the people affected by this. Many of you will remember that AIM was the center of the Porn Wikileaks database leak, resulting in the private information of hundreds of porn performers being hatefully published online in an attempt to harm porn workers. The data was mined, stolen and published directly from AIM by a porn industry individual. No word on whether the shutdown is connected to the Porn Wikileaks data theft.

Photo by Richard Kadrey.