Jesse James' Ex Arrested for Harassing Him

Former porn star Janine Lindemulder nabbed for 300 "harassing, abusive and bad" phone calls

Another week, and another woman in Jesse James' life is making headlines. This time, it's James' second wife, former adult film star Janine Lindemulder, who's causing all the trouble. reports that Lindemulder, 41, was arrested outside Austin on Saturday morning on charges of harassing her ex-husband. So is James' other ex, Sandra Bullock, involved? Yep, and we'll get to that.

According to E!, Lindemuler had been leaving "chronic harassing telephone calls" on James' voicemail at all hours -- 300 of them since he moved to Texas six months ago! The famous motorcycle customizer said that the calls were "so harassing, abusive and bad" that he had no choice but to alert the police. The sheriff's department had three warrants out for Lindemulder's arrest when they tracked her down.

Hmm... what could James' ex-wife be so upset about? Since the calls started when he moved to Austin, we're guessing it has everything to do with Lindemulder and James' 7-year-old daughter Sunny. In 2009, when Lindemulder was in jail for tax evasion, James and then-wife Sandra Bullock (told you she was involved!) were awarded full custody of Sunny, with Lindemulder getting only visitation rights.

Sunny's mother has never been happy with this arrangement -- so we can only imagine her reaction when her ex moved from California (where his business, West Coast Choppers, is located) to Texas, taking Sunny with him. To add insult to injury, he moved there so that his daughter could remain close to Bullock -- even though she would be much farther away from her biological mom. Lindemulder has a history of unstable behavior, and we bet this sent her over the edge.

So that's our guess -- though for all we know, Lindemulder was leaving crazy harassing messages about his haircut. What we do know is that poor Sunny is caught in the middle of squabbling adults yet again: In addition to dealing with Bullock and James's divorce, as well as preparing for brand-new stepmother Kat Von D, she now has to deal with her dad having her crazy mom arrested. So far, Bullock has been helping her beloved ex-stepdaughter deal with all the changes -- but even with Sandy's help, this is a whole lot of drama for one little girl to handle.

Is Jesse James making too many changes in Sunny's life? Chime in below!

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