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The Wall Street
Journal Profiles Mark Mori and the Making of His Bettie Page Documentary
Mark Mori as pictured in The Wall Street JournalMark Mori's home studio on West 66th Street lately has been a beehive. Every day for the past 18 months, a pair of staffers spend hours at laptops, digitally enhancing images, chasing clearances,

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Welcome to the Official Bettie Page Reveals All Newsletter! -

Your source for inside information on the onlyMark Mori with two Bettie Page-inspired models.
authorized film on the life of Bettie Page made with her full participation.

Produced and directed by Academy Award® nominee Mark Mori and currently in post-production, Bettie Page Reveals All is the true story of the world's greatest pin-up model, Bettie Page, and how her free expression helped launch America's sexual revolution.

This newsletter will give you exclusive access to information about the making of the film, special offers and is the first place to find out about release dates and locations for screenings of the film!

Mark first met Bettie and became friends with her in 1996. He conducted a series of interviews in which she revealed secrets that she never told publicly but gave him exclusive permission to include in the film on her life.

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Beyonce Got it from Bettie!

In Beyonce's new video for her song Why Don't You Love Me, she channels the spirit of Bettie Page, and pays homage to many of Bettie's more famous photos and videos. We spliced in Bettie's original photos and videos so you can see the similarities yourself! Watch the moves she uses done by the original pin-up queen herself - Bettie Page.
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Beyonce Got It From Bettie video

Our Newest Staff Member
Bettina hard at work at her computer
Pin-up model and burlesque performer Bettina May first heard of Bettie Page Reveals All through a friend who put her in touch with Mark Mori back in 2008, a few months before Bettie Page passed away, as she was excited about the film and was curious about how she could help out.

In early 2009 Bettina May moved to New York City from Victoria, BC, Canada, to tour with her burlesque sideshow, and got in touch with Mark to see if the show could help promote the film. They showed a teaser for the film at all their shows on their first national US tour, and the crowd response was amazing. The trailer premiered at their NYC show in January and the girls in the show were so awestruck at hearing Bettie Page's voice for the first time on the clip!
Bettina's a big Bettie fan!

Bettina recently relocated to Brooklyn and called up Mark again to see if she could help in post-production. Mark showed her a rough draft of the film, she loved it, and now works on social networking and promotions for the film. Expect to see her posting on the Forum, Facebook and Twitter, as well as out at upcoming events to get the word out. You can find out more about Bettina on her website or chat her up on the Bettie Page Reveals All Forum.

If you want to find out how you can help Bettie Page Reveals All reach completion, check out our Join The Film page, which lists many options for how you can help with either your time or donations, and you can even get your name in the credits of the film!

Thanks for your interest in Bettie Page Reveals All and watch for more newsletters coming soon!


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Bettie Page Reveals All
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