Bringing sexy back at DiPiazza’s — with bingo!


Justine Goldsmith | Daily 49er

A burlesque dancer performs Tuesday night at DiPiazza’s.

DiPiazza's was alive and fully-exposed Tuesday evening as burlesque dancers shed their clothing during six intense rounds of Burlesque Bingo, marking the third week of their new Tuesday night tradition.

"I'm going to bring a girl out here, she's going to take her clothes off and you're going to win prizes," Audrey Deluxe announced.

Creator and host for the evening, Deluxe, had nothing but positive things to say about Burlesque Bingo, which is taking local areas by storm and making a name all on its own.

What began in bars like Johnny Depp's Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard soon expanded to places like the Congo Room before making its way to Long Beach.

With an eager and overly-satisfied crowd of nearly 50 players, Burlesque Bingo will now act as Tuesday night's entertainment at DiPiazza's, and is expected to draw in a lot of attention. The buzz has grown so much that over the past year, the organization worked to pitch the idea to several television networks as an idea for a new series expected sometime in the near future.

Deluxe created Burlesque Bingo as a means of shedding new light to the world of burlesque, while allowing those who don't know much about it a chance to come and join the fun.

"I wanted to present burlesque in a new way and bridge the gap from burlesque into mainstream," she said. "Mainly, I want it to be entertaining and fun for the audience."

Players pay $10 each to play six rounds of bingo, winning prizes in-between. Deluxe, who dresses just as risqué as her female counterparts and is as hysterical, acts as the host calling the numbers aloud to the audience. As the numbers are pulled, the dancer for that specific round then entertains the audience, removing her scantily clad ensemble, dropping each article of clothing upon a large numerical chart resting below her feet. The dancer ensues, knocking the crowd off their feet with one sexualized move after another, until someone from the crowd receives a "Bingo!" The winner then comes up and takes home a random prize; from tickets to a fine dinning cuisine, to hysterical ball-busters like Lunchables and gag gifts. The game continues, and new dancer takes the stage until six rounds of bingo have been completed.

"The game is something that the audience can be apart of," Deluxe said, ending the evening on a lively note. "I never want it to be serious. It should always be a fun environment for everyone."

Burlesque bingo will be held every Tuesday night at DiPiazza's at 9:30 p.m. on a first come, first served basis. DiPiazza's is located at 3800 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.