Brazzers sends well wishes, t-shirts & an offer to Charlie he can’t refuse

By Olive Day on March 09, 2011
There was a cheerful happening today outside the gates of Mulholland Estates, Beverly Hills, CA, which is home-base for Charlie Sheen and his Goddesses. It seems that Brazzers, the number one porn-peddlers in the country, have made Charlie an offer he can't refuse and some light hearted mementos of his recent viral fame to go along with it!

Porn Starlet Britney Amber was escorted to the gates in a Brazzers truck to hand out one of a kind iconic t-shirts which immortalize the iconic "#Winning" trend that has become a global phenomenon from Twitter to the paparazzi camped across the street from the gates of Mulholland Estates.

Britney also dropped off a big box filled with "Charlie's Goddess" t-shirts for Natalie Kenly and Bree Olson, Charlie's live-in girlfriends, with a written offer (from Brazzers) to Charlie to consider a reality-based internet series that could amount to millions per day to Charlie.

No word on whether Charlie will accept the offer, but we understand the Goddesses loved the apparel.

We'll let you know soon as we hear anything.



Here you see Britany strutting her stuff and posing fo the camera before we make our way to the Sober Valley House bearing gifts! "Brazzers Hearts Charlie's Goddess" for the ladies of the house and "#winning Brazzers" for the Man himself.


Arriving at King #tigerblood's estate in Beverly Hills, getting ready to hand some shirts to our paparazzi friends.



Outside the #Warlock's estate is Britney Amber posing for the Paparazzi waiting to see if the man will come out of his house!


Our crew giving out some "Brazzers #winning" shirts to some of the hardest working and most patient paparazzi in Beverly Hills! Keep up the good work guys!

With all of the stuff going on in Charlie's life right now, we here at ZZinsider hope the t-shirts gave Charlie a #WINNING smile or at least a chuckle