Monogamy Sucks and Dear Hef, out Sept. 14 by Lazy Day Publishing.

My next novel Dear Hef -- coming out Sept. 14 as an e-book -- explores the sexy world of Internet sex hook ups. The story focuses on a man in his late 20s named Jimmy Rausch, who hopes to turn himself into an online playboy. Adding an intriguing celebrity twist to the novel, Jimmy shares his naughty experiences with his hero Hugh Hefner as part of his playboy training. My character is somewhat clueless, and doesn’t realize that his life is far from the playboy ideal, which only adds to the humor. Like my previous novel Monogamy Sucks, Dear Hef is also funny, sexy, wild and another strong dose of my brand of real life erotica. It will available as an e-book in the Amazon Kindle store, Barnes & and other on web sites.

My Intriguing, Personal Interview on Writer Michelle Figliuzzi’s Blog

Today my blog tour continued on the blog of sweet friend and fellow writer Michelle Figliuzzi or as we know her on Twitter as @writinggirlie. Michelle, who has been one of my biggest supporters on Twitter, asked me some thought-provoking questions about my views on monogamy, open relationships, my own personal life, and my books Monogamy Sucks and Dear Hef, out Sept. 14 by Lazy Day Publishing.

You can read the interview here.

LinkThis is one of the most probing interviews of my blog tour for Monogamy Sucks and frankly, one of the best interviews I’ve had. Kudos to Michelle for taking the time to craft some tough and interesting questions for me.

This is the 44th stop on my blog tour for Monogamy Sucks, and the third on the Dear Hef blog tour.

Enjoy. More to come as always.

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