BondDave scarf bondage/comedy video on Tosh.0?

Hi everyone, BondDave Here!
I have some great news! Despite all the controversy, with site after site having it removed, I am proud to say that The Ultimate Fanboy Moment starring Alice Malice is now on display for free download at Danger Theatre! Too crazy for YouTube, you can check it out free here:
http://danger- theatre.blogspot .com/2011/ 09/ultimate- fanboy-moment. html
But that's not all, folks! We have an opportunity to show scarf bondage to a much larger, mainstream audience! Tonight, I have uploaded The Ultimate Fanboy Moment to the Videos section at
Tosh.0 on Comedy Central!
It will be under Viewer Video, and it may not be on the main page by the time you check the link. But do a search for Ultimate Fanboy Moment, and please vote. If successful, and barring that it gets pulled from the site(despite showing a guy sucking a blurred out dildo in a dress), we might get this aired on Comedy Central and show scarf bondage, not to mention my sense of humor to a new generation of people!
Check it out and thanks in advance!