The Redhead Next Door: Shannon Renee - by Courtney Leiva

When natural redhead next door, Shannon Renee, is crazy running around recording, acting, modeling or parenting, one thing remains constant: her love for being a redhead. Shannon is originally from Arizona and became recognized after her music hit I Wanna be a Playboy Bunny in 2006.

I had the chance to interview her and she discussed her love for life, her past and of course.. her red hair.

“You stand-out, you’re sexy, and no one can ever take that from us [redheads],” Renee tells How to be a Redhead.

She grew up idolizing redheads like Rita Hayworth and Jodie Foster- they inspired her to be the person she is today- a powerful women with red locks.

“I’m a multi-talented housewife. By that, I mean, I’m an actor, model, singer, cupcake maker, fashion designer and wife.”

At the age of 12, Shannon put her love of singing to action and she began song writing at the age of 15. In 2004 she became a singer for the cover band Double Down. However, it wasn’t until she released the club-dance single I Wanna Be A Playboy Bunny that she suddenly became a sensation.

She said, “In the spring of 1999 (before Holly, Bridget and Kendra from The Girls Next Door), I was sitting in my room while my roommates were at work. The only way I can start writing songs is when it’s quiet. I was looking at all my bedroom stuff- Playboy catalogs, Marilyn Monroe calendars- and suddenly grabbed a pencil and wrote down the coolest lyrics ever! It was kept under wraps until 2006 when it appeared on a podcast and after that, it became an internet sensation. I’m a one ‘internet-hit’ wonder!”

When asked about what inspires her to write dance music, Shannon told us,

“Oh geez, you may call me crazy, or an old fart (I’m 20 plus 14 yrs old) but, 90′s dance icons such as Lady Kier from Deeelite and Madonna made me want to be the next redhead dance artist.”

With the success of I Wanna Be A Playboy Bunny, Shannon was invited to the Playboy mansion where she attended some of the mansion’s most prestigious parties.

“Oh yeah, ever since I was 20, I wanted to walk the cobblestone trails of the Playboy mansion. I got an unexpected invite to a mansion party called Kandyland in 2008, and dressed like Satine from Moulin Rouge. The first time was the most breath-taking time. Then, I got the invitation of a lifetime for the famous Midsummer Night’s Dream Party in 2009. I dressed like the Little Mermaid and hung out with Kendra Wilkinson‘s mom Patti, Bill Maher, Shaq, and David Faustino. Last but not least, Hef and I rose our glasses to each other in acknowledgment. That was the highlight of my night. Never went back since.”

At the end day, Shannon Renee is one proud redhead and her motivation to further her career has landed her modeling gigs and has also made her feel lucky to have red hair.

“The world has way too many bleached blondes and raven brunettes. God made redheads for a reason and that’s to add spice to the world! Hair modeling is the way to go!!!! They love us!! They will never dye our hair! You may get picked on as a little kid, but as you get older, you will transform into either a Jessica Rabbit or a Little Mermaid.”

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