Press Release : The Art of Kink

*Capricorn Studios presents "The Art of KINK!", a fine art exhibit. *

/Hyatt Regency Hotel -- Downtown Tampa, FL./

Capricorn Studios will be curating an erotic and fetish art show at this
year's 11^th annual FetishCon held in Tampa this July. It is the
first time in the convention's history that such an exhibit will be
displayed. Convention promoters, along with local fetish photographer
Bob Pomeroy, contacted Capricorn Studios after hearing about several of
the shows and events they have organized at their gallery in Ybor city.

"The Art of KINK!" will be a showcase for fetish themed artwork in all
mediums. Capricorn Studios has received hundreds of submissions and
after careful consideration they believe they have selected the best of
what the fetish art community has to offer. "We were thrilled at the
idea of curating a show for FetishCon. What better place to not only
showcase all of the great submissions we've accepted from around the
country but give our very talented local artists the national audience
they deserve" said gallery owner Daphne Haines.

Capricorn Studios opened its doors on Valentine's Day, 2010, giving
local artists from around the Bay Area the opportunity to showcase work
that other galleries may be too timid to display. Since then they have
organized shows spanning a wide range of themes, from their "Devil &
Divine" event which focused on sensual eroticism to their first
anniversary event, "My Dark HeART", which explored the darker side of
our fantasies. Capricorn Studios' recent show titled "Art is unDead"
showcased imagery in erotic horror and featured a burlesque performance
by The Hell Cats of Tampa as well as a "Zombie Beauty Pageant" where
contestants proved that beauty is more than just skin deep.

The exhibit will run the entire length of the convention, July 28^th --
31^st , in the Hyatt's Garrison Suites located at the top of the hotel's
main escalators. Entry into the exhibit is free to those attending the
convention with a valid badge, while those not attending the convention
will be admitted for $5.

Capricorn Studios says they will continually strive to bring Tampa the
work of very talented artists who are not afraid to bare their souls.
Calling themselves "Tampa's only fringe art gallery" they like to
describe the work they display as "Art that's not afraid of the dark!"

*Media Contact:*

Anaria Entertainment, LLC

Daphne Haines

(813) 802-7809

1313 E 8^th Ave, 3^rd Floor, Ybor City, FL 33605